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Predicting The Fate Of Ethereum Classic In 5 Years From Now


Ethereum Classic is a form of open-source cryptocurrency platform that is based on the blockchain concept. It features smart contract and scripting functionality. It maintains the original history of the Ethereum network with its native Ether token being used with the ticker symbol ETC. It is a form of cryptocurrency that is traded on digital currency exchange platforms.

Why do investors consider ETC as a lesser-known topic?    

The cryptocurrency family considers ETC to be a secret treasure. You will not find many people talking about this form of cryptocurrency. They are hardly in Bitcoin news and the major reason behind such declining popularity is that the investors have to understand the reasons for investing in ETC. they also need to understand how to predict the value for ETC in the future. Let us look at some of the changing trends of ETC value.

The initial trends of ETC value

On 7th January 2021, the value of ETC was in the range of $7.31. It was obtaining significant consolidations at that time. The ETC value started picking up around 14th February 2021 to $16.10, after which it again dropped down to the range of $10-11 by 1st March 2021. Later on, it saw an upsurge to $20 on 12th April 2021 as the stock market saw a sudden increase in price. It experienced another upsurge to $44.60 on 17th April 2021. Currently, the price for ETC stands in the range of $49.61.

The all-time low value for ETC coins is $0.4524, as recorded on 25th July 2016. The highest value is $49.67.

What are the plus points of the ETC system?

The positive attributes of the ETC system are that it possesses stores of value characteristics. It is destined to be a PoW smart contract, the only one with fixed supplies. The ETC concept has also involved the power of the Internet of Things (IOT). Most cryptocurrency analysts consider the OPT market to have around $11 trillion in value in the upcoming three years.

Predictions for ETC value in the upcoming five years

While looking at predictions from different analysts, it is important to consider the factor of diligence. CoinLiker has put forward its prediction of ETC value for the years 2021. Based on their predictions, the value of ETC in the upcoming five years will be in the range of $354.14.

Such prediction of ETC price has been put forward on the basis of expectations that the developers will continue to improve interoperability and scalability. Both these attributes are essential for the concept to reach greater heights. The prediction also considers normal dips in its calculation.

After such considerations, the price is targeted to reach up to $100 by the end of this year. However, the challenge will be to stay at that value. This is because reaching a target is one aspect, while sticking on to it without any resistance is a completely different subject.

These are some of the predictions of ETC values in the coming five years. Although it does not make much to Bitcoin news, it will start to do so if the predictions come true.