Monday, May 20, 2024

All We Need To Know About A Virtual Payment Platform


A payment platform is a one-stop solution for those who want to enjoy financial freedom. The app usually gives a shop now pay later option so that we can buy anything that we wish to and pay the bill next month. We can find an alternative to convert our payments into low-interest EMIs with the help of the online platform. The app does not give out loans directly to us because it partners with the RBI-approved NBFCs. Firstly, it will sanction the approved credit limit and show a sanction letter of the NBFC on their platform by sending us a notification.

The instant lending app helps us track our monthly spending and provides us with an interest free credit for up to thirty days.

Features Of An Online Bill Payments Platform:

  • We can scan QR codes available on the app to pay at online shops from anywhere. It will assign a specific credit limit based on our credit score. Therefore, we can deliver the total amount or convert it into easy installments.
  • Users can use credit cards from anywhere in the world for online and offline shopping.
  • The app also allows us to transfer money to our contacts or savings bank accounts. We get cashback and many rewards for sending or receiving money using their platform.
  • We can invite our friends to the online money transfer platform by sending the referral link and earning some exciting offers.
  • Most payment apps usually aggregate all our transactions and generate one bill for repayment next month.

Why Should We Choose An Online Payment App?

  1. Divide Your Spending:

The app helps us divide our entire transaction amount into three parts for three months with no extra charges. We can also convert our payments into monthly installments. Therefore, we can always take the time we need and choose longer EMI plants affordably for our spending.

  1. Get Rewards & Money Back Guarantee:

If users can pay the credit card bill in full within thirty days of free credit, they usually get rewards. If they ask for any fees and the amount auto-debited from your account without your knowledge, they assure a money-back guarantee and credit your amount immediately.

  1. Easy Card Control:

We get a virtual credit card instantly for paying online payments. The app also helps us quickly manage and track our online, offline, or contactless payments. In addition, we can set our limits for every transaction with the help of the easy card control feature available on the app.

  1. Multiple Repayment Options:

Users can select the pay later option from the online bill payment platform as it offers flexible repayment options. Sometimes, people choose the option to carry forward some amount to the next bill by paying little carry forward fees.

  1. Bill Reminders & Card Lock Option:

We usually get multiple bill reminders before the due date to avoid the late charge fees. The app allows us to lock our cards instantly in any emergency. However, we can easily unlock the card with just one click according to our needs.

Most leading apps take a few minutes to approve the digital credit card. After that, we need to submit our necessary documents online to complete the paperless KYC, and then we are eligible to get the card to start spending online. A team of experts is always available on the platform to help us out and fix any problem instantly.